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Printing Q&A

The printer prints an extra blank sheet after each numbered page of my pattern. It has a header and a footer, but is otherwise blank.

Change the Print Range of your printer. In the Print dialog, select 'Pages' and enter a 1 in the 'from' and 'to' boxes as shown.

My plotter tries to print my pants pattern in 2 sheets when 1 sheet is wide and long enough to print the entire pattern.

Make sure that 'Rotate pages 1/4 turn' is not selected. Then select the 'Use custom size' option, fill in the width of your paper and press 'Fit height'. Just above 'Print this pattern' you will see 'Number of pages required: 1 (1 x 1)' indicating that your pattern will be plotted in one piece.

My patterns are not printing to scale. I've not had this problem before.

Go to File→Page Setup. Set the scale value to 100%, and uncheck 'Shrink to fit Page Width', see below:

How can I tell if my pattern is on a portrait or landscape orientation?

The top of your pattern is along the short edge or on the long edge - depending on orientation.

I don't want headers and footers on my pages. How do I get rid of them?

Go to File→Page Setup. Select the 'blank' option for all Headers & Footers.

When I edit the measurements, no numbers appear.

Are you using the numeric keypad? If yes, is Num Lock enabled? Test this by using the numbers along the top of the keyboard instead of on the numeric keypad.